Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

Dairy Discovery Day Camp 2016

This is the only the second year of Dairy Discovery Day Camp and we are hooked! The kids come for 3 days for 3 hours and this year we offered a June and a July session. Here's a very brief description of each day's highlights:
Pick out a calf with your partner
Visit the Cow and Milking Barn
Learn how to milk a cow by hand and test the milk quality
Walk your calf
Do farm chores

Take a hayride
Learn about and make a day's worth of food for one cow
Wash and Walk your calf
Do farm chores

Taste and Make dairy products
Tour the Robotic Milking farm
Do Chores
Calf Show Day!

It is so amazing to see how far these kids come in just a few short days! My favorite thing about the camp is getting to know the kids and seeing their love for farming and animals- it's great to know that we'll be in good hands with this generation taking over someday. I will also never forget asking the kids for feedback- what can we do different next time? Almost all of them picked doing more chores! These are some real go-get'ers!
Be sure to check out the pictures below and also the website around the first of the year for 2017 dates.
Here's some of the feedback we've received:

"Braylen said he missed camp already on the drive home yesterday.The boys had another great experience at your farm. You are such a great, knowledgeable teacher! You always make us feel so welcome. The boys suggested making the camp longer and doing more chores. Thank you for the BEST week of their summer again :)"

"Kendall loves her time at the farm!"

"My kids absolutely LOVED everything about camp. They would also love another visit later this summer or fall too."