Nancy Stefano,
Godfrey Lee ECC 

"We had such a nice time on our field trip to the farm. The children loved it and have been talking non-stop about it since. They don't want a dog or a cat anymore. They now want a cow for a pet. Thank you for making our trip fantastic." 
Mrs. Stefano's Class 

Cyndi Pierce,
Kindergarten Teacher
Alto Elementary

"Our trip to the farm was both enjoyable and very educational. Our children were able to hear, see, smell, taste, and touch on the farm trip. I know we will be back next year!" 

Cyndi Laird
National Heritage Academies, Inc.

"I've been to Swisslane Farms twice, and had a great time each visit. Most kids just think milk comes from a store. It's good for them to actually see the cows and how they're milked, and to learn what goes into getting the milk to the store (and the ice cream and cheese, too). My nieces love seeing the baby cows, and feeding them from giant 'cow-size' baby bottles. The highlight of the second visit was watching a calf being born." 

Vikki Boersma
Breton Downs Elementary

"It was educational for young and old alike. The tour was filled with mindful facts that everyone grabbed onto. We have a new appreciation for our carton of milk:). It was a moooving experience!"

Emily Jo Heiler
Breton Downs Elementary

"I appreciate how appropriate the content covered by the tour was. Annie really did touch many of our science objectives as she explained how the farm works and why workers performed certain tasks. The visuals for the kids were at the perfect height (the milking parlor, the calf pens, etc.) and they could easily see everything Annie was talking about. What a fun experience, feeding the calves! Thank you for all you did to show our students dairy farming!"

Linda Sawade
Breton Downs Elementary

"Experiencing a working farm was the best way for our students to not only understand mammals but where their own food supply comes from and how important it is to take care of our world so we have places to grow and raise food sources."

Michele Zuidema
Homeschool Mom

"I wanted to thank you again for putting together such a terrific field trip. The kids had a blast and haven't stopped talking about it. From the conversations around my dinner table, I think they learned bunches too. Our trip to your farm was one of the best organized field trips we've attended so far. If you'd like to use me or my group as a reference, we'd be honored. I'd love to see more homeschoolers blessed by visiting your farm. Praying the Lord continues to pour out blessings on your farm and family."